Translated, Madrina means “godmother,” but more than that, it refers to a trusted adult in a young Latino/a’s life, who keeps the health and well-being of the young person as a priority. Traditionally, this may be a relative or family friend who has the respect of parents, as well as the trust of a young person. In designing a mentoring program, MANA recognized the need to have mentors who understand the responsibility to both the parents and to the youth they work with. For this reason, mentors who serve in the MANA HERMANITAS® program are called Madrinas®.  

Madrinas® attend all Hermanita’s® monthly meetings and other events.  Madrinas make a commitment to communicate weekly with their Hermanitas to build a relationship.  Madrinas® are also required to attend MANA de Albuquerque Madrina® workshops and training. 

All Madrinas® must be MANA de Albuquerque members, Girl Scout members and complete a background check.  For more information, email admin@manadealbuquerque.org