We are...

MANA de Albuquerque...

... a chapter of MANA, A National Latina Organization.  We are an all-volunteer driven 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to creating a community of informed and active Latinas working together to support the success of all Latinos. MANA de Albuquerque’s mission is
“…to empower Latinas through leadership development, community service, and advocacy.”
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Our Goals

Empowering Latinas By...

... developing and delivering local programs and services, and by advocating (in partnership with MANA National and the other 23 MANA Chapters) on local, state and national issues.

Founded in 1985, MANA de Albuquerque members have generously contributed their time and skills providing services and advocating on behalf of Latinos. Many Hermanitas, mentored by MANA members, have graduated, completed college and moved on to successful careers. Some have returned to MANA de Albuquerque where, as members, they are now giving back.

Our History

Founded in 1974...

... as the first national Mexican-American Women's National Association, MANA, A National Latina Organization, is a 501(c)3 non-profit grassroots membership organization located in Washington DC . MANA's original intent was to provide a voice for Mexican-American women at the national, state and local levels. Since then, the organization has expanded into a diverse group of Latinas involved in political, social and professional fields across the United States. MANA, a leader in a movement committed to empowering Latina women, offers leadership development and mentor training to members of 24 local MANA chapters.

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Partnership with Girl Scout Troop : Service Unit:  184  Troop Number 10586


Background check online:   http://nmgirlscouts.org/background-check.aspx

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Offer scholarships to Latinas entering or already enrolled in college.

2016-2017 academic year Scholarship Applications coming in Spring 2016!



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Join us!!!!
 MANA de Albuquerque Mentor/Madrina Informational Sessions:
  Dates:  Please choose one.
 Thursday, October 1, 5:30pm to 7:00pm or
 Friday, October 2, 11:30am to 1:00pm

 Location:  Albuquerque Public Schools , Arroyo Chico Room.  Security will direct you. 


Board meetings for 2015:  1st Tuesday of Month - 5:30 - 7pm
1309 4th Street S.W.  Contact Katrina Soto 505-203-4357

Hermanitas Meetings:  Third Saturday of Month 10am-noon -
1309 4th Street S.W    Contact Martha Medina 505-944-6991



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2015 Women of Influence

Dr. Jozi DeLeon 

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Hermanitas® Program

imagePersonal and Leadership Development - Offer Mentoring and Leadership Development training to young Latinas (11-18).  MANA de Albuquerque proudly recognizes the Wilhelmina Neat Coe, Peace Foundation 1957 Fund, Costance Zandstra Fund, and ENLACE Statewide Collaborative and the for their support in making the 2014-2015 year a success!   Help us make 2014-2015 a success!   

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2015 Hermanita Packet . 

2015-16 Hermanita Schedule of Events 

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